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WinDS is a free Port of Windows XP to the Nintendo DS.

It utilizes the opensource Language-Interpreter Lua to read programs from Disk and execute them. WinDS is programmed in C++0x and only uses the Libraries STL, libnds and the Lua 5.2.1 (latest). This makes it very efficient and lightweight in contrast to all it has to offer.

This wiki is all about Programming Lua-Applikations and WinDS-Internal features.

For any Help on WinDS, please contact

DuffsDevice: ijake[at]palmato[dot]de



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See Also


Sourceforge: Latest_WinDS.tar.gz


Currently there is only an alpha version of WinDS available.

The Problem is, that this Docu is all about the new version of WinDS (Release Version 1.0).

In my private current build there are already more features, this Docu will tell.

If you are a bit familiar with programming you can call the .dump() function that every class and print its return value. This way you can browse through the names of all its methods and properties.

I'm working quite hard on this Project so stay tuned, the release is near :D

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